Nigel and Sharyn Tailyour - 2014 Adventure

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Sharyn and I are on the border of Kazakstan. We have our visas but no Kazak currency.


This is where East meets West as we start to see mosques as well as churches and the music on the telly in every caff sounds like Cairo or Istanbul.




the night wolves




We have been befriended by the motorcycle club "Night Wolves"

The initiation ceremony still haunts me and the tattoo still smarts.


By next meeting we might be at Lake Baikal and we hope to send you greetings from there,

Nigel and Sharyn





Dear Chairman,



If you have time could you pass on our greeting to the members.


We are both well and will be in Vladivostok when you read this. But the bike won't. It succumbed to Russian Roads and the main bearing on my gearbox exploded miles from anywhere. 800km to Kharbarovsk and 500kms to Chita on the infamous Amur Highway.



We got to. Workshop of sorts and a Brit Biker who was passing stopped to help. We had the box out in 2 hours and it was finished.



The following day we took a taxi to Skoveradino and bought two tickets on the Trans Siberian Railway. It is 36 hours on the train to Vladivostok.


Since our last message we have seen Lake Baikal, seen Mongolia but not crossed the border and headed off to China by mistake.



Best wishes to the members and the. Ext message might be from the US and hopefully we will have another bike to ride on.


Nigel and Sharyn



                             July 4, 2014


   Now we take an enforced journey on the Trans Siberian Railway.


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The gearbox explodes and so we leave our lovely motorcycle and let the train take the strain.


I guess there is now a world-wide shortage of BMW bearings - although maybe there's a front wheel bearing still somewhere.


Nigel and Sharyn




The end of the road for the bike.


Russian roads took their toll about 800kms from Chita and 1500kms before Kharbarovsk.


We say goodbye to the bike and let the train take the strain.


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Dear Chairman,


If you have time at the next meeting could you let the members know that we are alive and well and in the US with another bike.


Last month we were on the Kazakstan border waiting for the visa process. We got through to Kazakstan the following day and enjoyed seeing a different culture.

Back into Russia again and off to Lake Baikal.


The bike was behaving perfectly but the roads are brutal.


We saw Mongolia and China (we nearly went there due to my navigation error and we had to retrace our steps for two hours)


At Chita the gearbox on the bike exploded. The output bearing shattered !!  So we left the bike with three Russian bikers and took the Trans Siberian Railway. It's like train travel in the sixties. Very Soviet.


A flight from Vladivostok and we bought a second hand bike in he US.


Now we are in California preparing to head East.


Please pass on our Best wishes to the members of the club,


Nigel and Sharyn



Dear David,

If you have time could you let the members know that we are alive and well. Last month we were leaving San Fransisco with a R1200GS we had bought second hand.


We headed South down Route 1.


We got to LA and then Las Vegas but it was just too hot.

So we biked to escape the heat to Chicago (yes we did find bits of Route 66)

Now we are in the Appalachians (Virginia) riding the Blue Ridge Parkway and will see the Atlantic Ocean by the time you read this.


Kentucky is "dry" and so I can't advice you on the strong whiskey or the wild,wild women.
But Lynchburg (Tennessee) does have the best bourbon they make.


Bikers always tell me about their bikes. Hardtail, Bobber, Heritage, Classic, knucklehead or shovelhead. It does not matter. They are all H-D down here in the Deep South. The cradle of the Civil War.

Please give our best wishes to the Members and we look forward to seeing you in November.




Hi from Nigel and Sharyn,


Nigel and Sharyn

With Homeland Security on our tail, it is time to leave the US and fly to Emsworth. We have been to Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Kazakstan, back to Russia again, Korea, Canada and 20 States of the US. 

Now we are coming home.

We will be home at 12noon on Saturday 11th. October. 

If you have time to come and see us arrive it would be just lovely to see your face again.

There will be tea and coffee and maybe more. We will try to twist your arm for some money to the Night Owls project at Portsmouth Samaritans.

Please come along and wave us in.  You could even make a day of it at the Deck Cafe Restaurant in the marina.

Our address is //,-0.9296803,17z">7 Mill Quay, Emsworth, PO10 8BT

Find Thorney Road and turn right into Emsworth Yacht Harbour. You will find plenty of parking and a warm welcome.


Nigel and Sharyn Map


Nigel and Sharyn



We are nearing the end of the trip and we arrive home on October 11th.



Join us if you can to celebrate our arrival,



Dear Chairman,


If you have time at the next club night, could you please pass on our greetings to all associates.


Last month we were deep in Bluegrass country, banjos, whiskey and "trucks".

These good ole boys like their trucks. A motorcycle is a Harley. There are no other makes in the South. And boy oh boy do they like their chrome! And their trailers which are even air-conditioned. If they don' t have a trailer then they are a trike made by the snowmobile companies.

We headed East to Virginia Beach and then North to Baltimore. You really must organise a club ride out to Virginia as it is biking heaven.


We are at the end of our road now waiting in Boston to fly back to the UK.


We can't believe that we went round the world with a tent and a motorcycle.

It seems a little sad that real life is beckoning.


We arrive in Emsworth on Saturday 11th at 12 noon. It would be great to see any members who would turn up and welcome us home. I believe my neighbour is serving tea, coffee and booze. Members can also eat at the Deck Cafe next door.


Please extend this invitation to all.


I look forward to catching up with the club at the November meeting.


Nigel and Sharyn


Our address in in Emsworth Yacht Harbour.

It is:

7 mill quay


PO10 8BT






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