It pays to shop around for tyres [2007/03]

The following was just a short exercise into the prices of tyres.  Gerry supplied most of the figures for the FJR and the I phoned around for the rest.  The interesting point for me was that I didn't know that BT020s came in so many different viarients - hence the "E" - and more money of course.  Does anyone know the difference between "E" and "non-E" BT020s -  besides the price ?  
    BMW R1150RT YAMAHA FJR 1300A  
    Bridgestone BT020 "E" Bridgestone BT020   
    £ incl VAT (ride in-ride out) £ incl VAT (ride in-ride out)  
    Front and Rear Front and Rear  
M Cox Motorcycles - Eastleigh   £198.00 £170.00  
02380 618823    
Michaeldever Tyres   £218.59 £216.24  
01962 774437    
Pro Tyres Hilsea   £232.90 £190.00  
02392 694741    
Pro Tyres Fareham   £237.05 £178.52  
01329 220743    
One other interesting point is that not only is the cost difference between E and non-E tyres but the diffence between dealers for the same tyres.  
i.e I saved £39 by going to M Cox and Gerry saved £46 by using the same dealer.

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