Hendon Bike Safe (2008/03)

11 SAM members and 10 riders remembered that the clocks went forward and met in WInchester to go to the Hendon Bike Safe Day organised by the Metropolitian Police. Given the recent bad weather, we had lovely blue skies, although it still wasn't warm enough to wear the leathers, but at least the heated jacket wasn't needed like it was over Easter.

We headed off via the back roads to London. Going through the Candovers we made good progress, despite encountered bushes on the road and a few dead animals including a deer. In Basingstoke we headed for the A roads and its been a long time since I have taken this route to London. Passing the mansions on the outskirts of London we then passed Terminal 5 at Heathrow and made a stop at the McDonalds on the Bath Road. Where several of us tried their new deli sandwiches which are made fresh, to take with us to Hendon. Leading a group through London is a challenge but we managed to keep everyone together until just before the Police College, but a quick phone call and we were all reunited.

Many of the motorbike manufacturers were present and Nigel was busy trying out his new bike (don't tell his wife!) and demos were available to take out. The Police were offering free assessed rides and we wandered around the many trade stands which were undercover, although the ground was rather muddy after Saturday.

In the display area we saw the stunt bikes, the police dogs catch the bad guys, including the man with the sawn off shotgun and watch the dogs find the drugs. There was also an excellent display from the Army White Helmets team who showed us how to ride backwards, doing exercises and jumping through a ring of fire.

This was an excellent event and if its always like this I can highly recommend it, especially as it was FREE. Personally I though it was much better than a local event that we have in the summer.

About 4pm we headed off to the Aces Cafe for a quick drink and then we all made our way home down the motorway. I hope I didn't lose anyone coming out of London but its a challenge trying to keep a dozen bikes together even with the marking system.

 Well done Met Police for a great day out. I would definitely go again.

Sponsored by Andy Anderson

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