Some more Travel Reading (2008/09)



Herewith some more Bike Travel books for you to consider:
I am half way through the first and the rest are next in line.....

The Rugged Road – Theresa Wallach  (ISBN 978-0-9547912-9-2) 

London to Cape Town overland two ladies on a  Panther motorcycle, pulling a trailer!

No roads, no back up – just straight across the Sahara through equatorial Africa, and South to the Cape – in 1945, without even a compass !  This is quite simply, the most amazing motorcycle journey ever told and a revelation to today’s travellers.
Undeterred by nomads, sand drifts, heat, rain, breakdowns and politics, Theresa Wallach and Florence Blenkiron complete a journey that might well defeat a modern ma chine today.  From oasis to oasis arguing with the French Foreign Legion for permission to continue and winning; fashioning a tow hitch for the trailer when it broke in the desert; rebuilding the entire engine from scratch in Agadez; meeting gorillas, lions and snakes on the road, staying in African villages and meeting an amazing variety of friendly and helpful people.  Not to mention having an accident in Tanganyika (now Tanzania) with the only car seen on the road for days!


Odyssey to Ushuaia – by Andres Carlstein (ISBN 1-55652440-4)

From New York to Tierra Del Fuego
What would make a man sell everything he owns and ride a motorcycle 22,000 miles, from his hometown in upstate New York to the southernmost tip of South America ?  (Answers on an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  Some call it craziness; Latinos call it “cojones”.
This hilarious, fast-paced narrative follows a young man in his search for meaning, adventure, and the nest rum in Latin America.  Battling rough roads, careening buses, and bride-taking cops in 14 countries, he discovers breathtaking beauty as well as what it feels like to hit a truck head-on.  Carlstein and his companions – two bikers he meets over the internet – form an unlikely and comical trio.
Odyssey to Ushuaia is a riot for anyone who has ever dreamt of hitting the road, and absolutely essential for planning the trip.  It’s loaded with insider travel information such as what to pack and what to leave behind, how to bride cops and not lose one’s shirt, how to cross a border with going crazy, how to handle an accident, and muc, much more….


Obsessions Die Hard – by Ed Culberson (ISBN 1-884313-06-X)

Motorcycling the Pan American Highway’s Jungle Gap
This is the story of Ed Culbertson’s determination to fulfil his dream.  As a teenager he was fascinated with the Pan American Highway System, which runs the length of North and South America.  In his early forties, he acquired another passion – motorcycling.  It was only natural that he would merge the two.
Culberson, then a retired US Army Officer, wanted to ride his motorcycle along the Pan American Highway’s entire route between Alaska and Argentina.  However, in the Darien region of eastern Panama and western Colombia the road is broken by an 80 mile gap filled with jungles, rain forests, rivers and swamps, forcing travellers to detour around it by boat or place.  This area is so inhospitable and unexplored that a myth about its impenetrability has evolved over the centuries, and a curse aimed at Darien trespassers shrouds the region.  Butt the Darien Gap, known as el tapon del darien – the Stopper – didn’t dim Culbertson’s dream, it became his obsession.
I face of staggering obstacles, Culberson suffers failure before meeting success, encountering killer bees, arrest by corrupt law officers, cycling injuries and back-breaking labour to get himself and “Amigo” his motorcycle, through the torturous jungles and swamps.  He encounters strangers who become friends, including Cuna Indians who guide him and share is triumphs.

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