Ride report 2 November 2008 (2008/11)


SAM heads for the Sales

10 riders arrived at Ower to head off to the George White Motorcycle Outlet in Swindon. It was an overcast November day but the traffic was light as we headed for our first stop Stonehenge. We arrived in good time for a quick coffee stop and a glance at the stones before we headed off along the twisty A roads to Swindon. Our route took us through some quaint villages and there was plenty of practise at taking the right line through a bend to avoid the numerous debris that was in the road.

Navigating Swindon, especially the famous Magic Roundabout which has 5 mini-roundabouts within the roundabout, Lilian decided that marking here was completely out of the question and thankfully everyone found the right exit. The George White dealership comprises of several stores and the outlet store contains a wealth of helmets, clothing boots and numerous other goodies. Several of the riders purchased new jackets and one even wore her new helmet on the ride back. Lunch was taken at the burger van in the car park and then we decided to head off as it was drizzling and we wanted to get back to Ower before it got dark.

Our return route was slightly different and extremely scenic. The trees were displaying beautiful colours and it reminded Lilian of her times in New England when people pay good money to see the fall colours, and today we had them for free. As we made our way through the countryside, we unfortunately lost one of the party on the A303, but a quick phone call to Lilian arranged a rendezvous in Stockbridge before we all headed for our final destination, Ower, where once again we managed to loose that same person again going around the roundabout back into Ower Services! Soon we were all reunited and it must have been the cold weather as only Lilian ordered a McFlurry and everyone else hurried home before darkness set in.

Thank you to Wendy for being back marker and next time we will go in the summer so we have some more time in the store.


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