Ride report 16 November 2008

 At 9.45 a crew of ladies and gents assembled at Wickham with hopes of a nice
 day out.
 As leader I was without my Garmin as its mount is on the Blackbird which is
 still being repaired. I cellotaped copious route info to the fuel tank.
 The route was planned mainly on B roads with some B minus to sharpen the
 attention. Pace was intended to be at the limit as available. The roads were
 essentially dry but with enough significant leaves to require some
 attention. The weather was overcast but dry, the sun coming out in the
 afternoon (as we headed south!).
 The run departed on time with 14 bikes - and one more joined us over coffee.
 The run to Bishops Waltham was with traffic, and was at a stately pace, but
 the road towards Corhampton was clear and gave the first chance for a run at
 national limit. It was also the cellotape limit and my route notes departed
 backwards at 60mph. On memory now!
 At the Corhampton Golf Club turn we turned left for the country route to
 New Alresford. This is a B minus road which had the customary autumn
 decoration - leaves - which collected the only 'event' of the day and
 underlined the adage "brake very carefully on leaves"! A penitent rider was
 extracted from the hedge and, with minimal damage to bike and nil to self,
 elected to continue. The group stopped for an unplanned pause in New
 Alresford to allow for some deep breathing and then continued  up round the
 Candovers and down past Lasham to the Departure Lounge for a snack.



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We then took the Selborne road towards Liss, turning off left to go up the A325 to
 Sleaford, but the loss of route notes started to be significant and we ended
 up going back down the A3 to Petersfield - not quite as planned!
 Then off to the B roads again following the B2146/7 to Emsworth. That is a
 nice little country run but road dirt and into sun kept the concentration
 up!. Portsdown next after a rather long but cant-get-lost route only to find
 ourselves at the back of a queue of about 20 - so no tea. We dispersed from
 The run was nearer 85 miles than the advertised 75 (come back Garmin) but it
 had something for everyone - and I enjoyed it
 Mike Barringer

Sponsored by Andy Anderson

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