Pillion Trainer [2009/01]

Pillion Trainer

It is common knowledge that carrying a pillion affects a motorcycles handling, steering feels lighter, acceleration is weaker and braking distances are significantly increased. New or inexperienced riders often worry about how their bike will handle when they take a pillion for the first time, this first ‘two up’ ride can be a very unnerving experience, especially for the pillion.


With this in mind, TakeTwo plastics have developed the revolutionary ‘Pillion Trainer’ device. The concept is simple, practice riding ‘two up’ without unnerving a pillion. The plastic device, pictured above, bolts onto the pillion seat of your motorcycle using the supplied universal mounting bracket.


The ‘Pillion Trainer’ is a hollow plastic structure, which can be filled with either sand or water. The device, filled with sand, replicates a well behaved pillion, and remains steady. When filled with water the device replicates a fidgety, inexperienced pillion, allowing you to prepare for all pillion eventualities.


The ‘Pillion Trainer’ is ideal for new or inexperienced riders. It will also benefit seasoned riders, allowing them to practise slow control and manoeuvring in a ‘two up’ scenario.


Currently the ‘Pillion Trainer’ is only available in Black, TakeTwo are currently in the process of developing colour co-ordinated models in Ducati Red, Kawasaki Green and KTM Orange. Prices start at £14.99, anybody interested should contact Trevor on 02380 338311.

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