When is Advanced Not Fast [2009/05]

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When is Advanced Not Fast

It was a glorious Sunday morning, when 11 riders assembled in Wickham Square for an Advanced Grade ride lead by Jill (you try keeping up with my scooter) Kernick.

 I get the impression that whenever anyone sees the word Advanced Grade ride, they immediately imagine riders hurtling along at speeds well over the speed limit and constantly overtaking. Well Jills run was definitely advanced, really only suitable for green badge holders, or those about to take their test, and if we managed more than 50mph at times we were doing well, so why was it advanced?

It was advanced because the route primarily comprised of country roads and lanes. We rode for 2 hours without a break on very demanding roads that required total concentration. To make good progress around the continuous stream of bends (I thought I was back in New Zealand) you had to apply IPSGA.  Rui had just come back from two days at the California Superbike School so you could see that he was really enjoying practising his cornering skills.

At lunchtime we all had at least one story of an interesting bend, talks of peg grinding and asking one rider, did Jill really need mean you to mark there!  Everyone had a big grin on their face as it was great fun, but we were never at risk of getting speeding points. You can see photos of the very happy group on the SAM web site.

Big thank you  to Jill for organizing one of the best rides I have been on, courtesy of Mr Tom Tom. Anyone else out there like to plan some routes for us to practise our cornering skills.


 Lilian Hobbs


Has anyone noticed that Hampshire Police seem to be very active with speed cameras recently. On one observed ride I spotted no less than 3 different mobile patrols, many in the new 30mph limits. On my way home on Sunday, there was a mobile camera operating in the 60mph limit on the road leading up to Portsdown Hill from the Wickham direction.



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