SAM 16th Annual General Meeting [2009/05]

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Solent Advanced Motorcyclists

16th Annual General Meeting


held at:

Sarisbury Green Community Centre at 8.00 pm Tuesday 12th May 2009



Committee present:


Lilian Hobbs               Chair

Paul Nol                     Secretary

John Parvin                Treasurer

Dave Spicer                Chief Observer

Dave Forster               Public Relations

Wendy Peters              Membership Secretary

Tim Bennett                MDU manager

David Allen                 Newsletter Editor

Gerry Gooch               Further Training Administrator




Lilian Hobbs welcomed all members and guests, including Geoff Pretty our IAM Region 2 Motorcycle Advisor, to the AGM


   Minutes of the 15th AGM held 13th May 2008.

The minutes of the 15th Annual General meeting were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

Acceptance:  Proposed – Kevin White……………….  Seconded – Phil Ayling………………



   Chairman’s report


Lilian thanked the Group for an excellent turnout, ascertained that a number of people present were at a SAM AGM for the first time, welcomed them to the meeting, introduced the committee and explained the roles that they undertook.


Lilian explained that the membership has continued to increase and now fluctuates around the 300 figure thanks to the hard work of the various people who have given their time to support the numerous events where we have deployed the MDU, and the SAM Sunday recruiting sessions. Equally successful have been the numerous Slow Riding Courses run by Alec Gore and the Riding Theory Courses run by Dave Spicer and Lilian which aim to provide a consistent approach to theory and reduce the time that an Observer needs to spend on that side of training. The resurrected Advanced Plus course that Gerry has worked hard to get off the ground has proved to be very successful and currently has a waiting list. During the year SAM has also put on some non bike related events such as the skittles evening which will be continued in the coming year.


She went on to thank various people who took on roles and tasks within the group including the Observers for their commitment and time to improve riding skills, Run Leaders for providing varied and interesting excursions and those that manage, store, maintain and tow the MDU . There are many more not mentioned by name but have made an equally valid and vital contribution to the success of the Group.


 Lilian paid tribute to those committee members who have stood down during the year, and thanked them for their efforts.


In conclusion Lilian stated that we will continue to strive to improve our training methods and, on the social side, the aim of the Committee was to provide something of interest for everybody. The Committee looks forward to another great year for SAM and it’s members.




   Chief observers report


The written report by Dave Spicer was circulated at the meeting.




   Secretary’s report


The written report by Paul Nol was circulated at the meeting.




   Treasurer’ report


John thanked the auditor, Duncan Taylor for his work and support with the group accounts. John Parvin referred to the circulated financial report and indicated that the “healthy” balance shown was boosted by the inclusion of the Gift Aid refund from the IRS which had included all previous applicable years. The 2009 Gift Aid figure would be considerably smaller. John reminded members of the importance to the club of completing the Gift Aid form on the membership renewal


John gave an overview of the outgoings in the last year including: -

   The room hire at Sarisbury Green, has increased by 15% and the discount for advanced booking but has been cut

   The costs of the website has increased and we are now seeing the cost of the whole year reflected in the accounts

   The merchandise purchase and sales are cost neutral

   Towing of the MDU to shows plus costs incurred in upkeep and maintenance

   Attendance at the National IAM Conference

   Further Observer Radios have been purchased

   Reflective Jackets for the Observers

   Advertising in the magazine is very limited

   Increase in Newsletter cost due to the provision/printing of Observer Handbooks

   Payments to Observers for SAM Sundays


John stated that he expected returns in 2009 to be reduced due to decrease in new members, increased room hire costs and Observer payments


The financial statement for the group was proposed by Nigel Grace and seconded by John Goodson and agreed by those present.


   Membership secretary’s report


The Membership Secretary’s report was circulated at the meeting


   Skill coordinator’s report


The written Skill Coordinator’s report was circulated at the meeting.



   Election of Officers and Committee


Paul Nol, group secretary, indicated that as the total number of nominations for the committee did not exceed the total number permitted under the rules he sought agreement to hold block votes. This was proposed by Nigel Grace, seconded by Mark Sabin and carried by a majority by show of hands.

The block election of the committee members was conducted with a proposal by John Goodson, seconded by Doug Green and it was carried.



Lilian Hobs                 Chairman

Paul Nol                      Secretary

John Parvin                Treasurer


Committee members:

Rui De Castro              David Allen            Gerry Gooch          Wendy Peters

Dave Spicer                Tim Bennett           Dave Forster          Tom Weise


There is one vacancy still to be filled, that of the Club Night Organiser which will be advertised


   Presentation of awards

Green badge awards were made by Dave Spicer to those associates who had passed their test.



   Any Other Business

Gerry Gooch raised the question of the increased cost of a re-test, now £65 which he felt was unreasonable and likely to put people off having a second go. This will be discussed at the next Committee meeting. This started a discussion on the recent increase in the SFL price and numerous people raised their concerns which were addressed to Geoff Pretty who attempted to explain the reasons for the increase. Lilian stated that there were actions underway from SAM and other Groups to make our feelings know to the IAM and that the 2009 SFL take up will be the real indicator of acceptance by the public.


It was pointed out that the MDU still had sign writing indicating the old prices – to be addressed at next Committee Meeting


Doug also asked whether SAM could subsidise young riders wishing to join and Janine Carter informed the Group that Hampshire CC already subsidised the Pass Plus course for young drivers and might be willing to do the same for the IAM course. Lilian stated that the Committee will investigate both options


Doug Green asked whether we investigated why people left the Group, sometimes without completing their training. Dave Spicer told the Group that this was something we tried to get to the bottom of but Associates often paused or stopped their training with little or no notification to their Observers, despite numerous enquiries and attempts to get them to complete the course. Wendy Peters explained that she did try to contact people to see if anything could be done to keep them, with varying success. Several people stated that they knew of Associates who had left because they didn’t get on with their Observer and hadn’t been able to get reassigned. Dave Spicer said that he wasn’t aware of any specific cases and said that he would investigate if somebody could supply specific examples. One member stated that he knew of somebody who had left as a result of a public dressing down from a run Leader for his poor riding, Lilian agreed that this was deplorable and should not have taken place publicly


There being no other business, Lilian closed the meeting at 20:51.





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