SERV Hampshire [2009/06]


SERV Hampshire 

Anybody who has heard of SERV will know what a valuable job they do in various other Southern Counties, but in Hampshire we have not been provided with this service, until now.


SERV, also known as the 'Blood Runners', is a charitable organisation that delivers blood products to the emergency and accident hospitals across Southern England, at night and weekends, free of charge whenever and wherever it's urgently needed.

SERV is a Registered Charity (#284455) run by dedicated volunteer motorcyclists and drivers who give their time and petrol to do their bit using their bikes and cars to help others who need emergency supplies of blood.

SERV provides a service that has saved many lives. The volunteers fund SERV at their own expense and by donations

Anybody and everybody can help this service, however little. We need people from all backgrounds, to take on tasks such as co-ordinating the rota's, finance, hospital liason, and many more.

If you feel you would like to help support this invaluable service, please fill in the application form and return it (along with a £20 deposit for Hi-Viz jacket and ID Card), or get in touch with Tom either by clicking the link, or phoning our General Enquiry number: 07017 891000. We will also be attending Goodwood Revival along with other events or you can visit the website where you will find out more.

We do realise that SERV has attempted to start a Hampshire group before, and due to unforeseen circumstances had to withdraw. The situation has once again changed, and we are now in conversation with Queen Alexandra Hospital to implement the service once again.


Remember, it's not just the volunteers who save lives, it could also be you!


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