The very popular Slow Riding courses run by Alec Gore return for 2010.

Places are LIMITED and must be reserved.

There is NO CHARGE to attend this course which is held at HMS Collingwood in Fareham , lasting for a Saturday morning from 09:30 - 13:00.

Dates for 2010 are as follows:

13th March - Level (1)

17th April - Level (2)

15th May - Level (1)

11th September - Level (2)

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Bookings close 3 days before each date, as an attendee list for the security at HMS Collingwood has to be compiled. We are grateful to Colin Hitchcock for the use of these facilities.


Level (1)


This is for "beginners" or people who's Observer believes they would benefit substantially from developing their Slow Riding skills. It will concentrate on:

(a) Confidence in the feel of your motorcycle at slow speed, including when braking and steering

(b) Accurate starting and stopping

(c) Basic left and right turns from a stopped position and the 'U' turn.


Level (2)


This is for members who have already attended a Slow Riding Training and would like to have more time to develop these skills:

(a) Figure-of-eight

(b) Slalom

(c) Look, Lean and Roll (i.e. cornering under power) exercise

(d) Brake and steer exercise


If you have been on the slow riding course before you will know how good it is and you are welcome to come again, but you must RESERVE A PLACE.

The course starts at 0930 so please arrive in plenty of time. Everyone has a very enjoyable day. Check out the photos on the SAM web site from previous events.



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