Music on the Move [2007/03]


If, like me you like to listen to music on the bike and by whatever means Autocom, Starcom or even direct connection, you have the music into the helmet, but once you get up speed you just can’t hear it properly – then this is the item for you. It’s called the Bosteroo.  It is a 3-way headphone or speaker splitter designed to boost the volume of your music by up to 12dB, with a less than 1% loss in sound quality.

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The clever Boostaroo uses amplifiers usually found in CD players to increase the volume produced by your mp3 player, computer or mini speakers, or lets you plug in 3 sets of speakers or headphones for triple the music!

Ideal for motorbike users and musicians as well as traveling, computers, gaming and much more!  12” line-in cable, powered by 2 x AA Batteries , size 4,5” x 1.5” x 1.1” and weighs in at just 6oz with batteries fitted.

Sponsored by Andy Anderson

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