Factors that impact the value of a Link

You already know that links are important for ranking on Google. You have somehow convinced the authority blogger to give you a link (We will talk about how to convince him later). Now is there anything that you can do to get more out of the same link?

I shall be talking about factors that impact the value of a link in a number of posts over the next few days. In todays post I will be talking about the attributes of a link itself that impact the value that you get out of the link.

  • Dofollow/ Nofollow : Any link with a nofollow attribute does not add any value to your search engine ranking. Remember that most blog comments, social media profile links etc are nofollow and hence do not add any value to your search engine ranking.
    • There are a large number of blogs and social media sites that provide dofollow links. We shall be posting the lists on this blog soon
    • Just because nofollow links do not add value to SEO does not mean it is useless. A blog comment may get you good traffic
  • Anchor text of the link: This is perhaps the most important attribute of the link so far as SEO technique is concerned. If you are trying to rank a page for “blue birds” then the best link is one with the anchor text “blue bird”.
    • If you are using a text an image to get the link then the alt text of the image becomes the anchor text.
    • Do not over do the anchor text bit though. If your page gets 300 links and all of them have the anchor text of “blue birds” then google may penalize you. Try to get some variation in the anchor text.
    • If there are 2 links on the same page to the same page but with different anchor texts, then google makes use of the first anchor text alone.
  • Type of link: As I have discussed in my post about different types of links a link can be a sitewide like (links on blogroll/ footer etc) or a on the page link (link inside the body of the post). While sitewide links give you a lot of link (as many links as there are on the blog), the link in the body of a post tends to add a lot more seo value.
  • Location of the link on page: A link nearer to the beginning of the page adds more value than a link towards the end of the post. That seems logical considering that the original pagerank formula was an attempt at determining the probability that a random surfer will visit your page. Visitors on a page are more likely to click a link at the beginning compared to a link at the end.
  • Age of the link: Value of a link increases over a period of time. Many seo gurus interprete this as the age of the page on which the link is present. However my experience shows that while link on an old page adds value, the age of the link itself is important as well.
  • Text surrounding the link: Yes not only the anchor text but the text surrounding the link matters as well. Because the text around the link helps in establishing the contextual relevancy of the link. Trust me this factor carries a lot more weight than most webmasters think.

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