How much does it cost, what do I get for my money ?

The IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider course costs £149 and covers you for the following.  

  • Membership of IAM RoadSmart for one year.
  • Membership of Solent Advanced Motorcyclists for one year.
  • One Advanced Motorcycle test fee.
  • Your own IAM Advanced Rider Associate Logbook.
  • Allocation to a fully trained and qualified Observer.

SAM requests a voluntary contribution to your observers motorcycle expenses of up to £15 for each observed run.

As well as the above you also have free access to,

  • Free theory classes
  • Slow Riding training sessions
  • A copy of our magazine "Making Progress".
  • 9 SAM SUNDAYS from March to November
  • Monthly club nights
  • Group Ride outs or events on almost every weekend throughout the year.


Sponsored by Andy Anderson

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