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Boiler Care in New York City Dwellings

Because steam-boiler systems contain so much pressure, it is imperative to provide the proper care and maintenance for your system. Although safety developments for these steam systems have been improved over the years, the inherent danger is still very much present. Although a twenty story building may be labeled fire-proof, a defective boiler explosion can destroy the whole structure, in the very least its stability.

The best way to ensure the safety of your family and home is to have the professionals at Petri Plumbing provide maintenance to your boiler on a regular schedule. Regular boiler maintenance can include:

  1. Manually checking the water level to ensure proper height. It is important to check physically instead of relying on gauges, water alarms, or floats.
  2. Safety valves should be inspected for proper size and functionality. The neglect or overload of these valves is one of the most common reasons leading to disastrous incidents.
  3. Where fusible plugs are used, they must be examined and carefully scraped clean on both the fire side and the water side.
  4. Gauge-cocks and water gauges should be inspected and cleaned when needed.
  5. All heating surfaces inside and out must be cleaned to ensure fuel efficiency. As a general rule of thumb, there should never be more than 1/16th soot or scales collected on any surface between cleanings.
  6. The mud-drums should be removed and have the sediment cleaned from them.
  7. Hand-holes should also be removed and their surfaces examined. Most particularly important is in the case of new boilers. New boilers should be monitored until the proper intervals between needed cleanings can be established through experience.
  8. Injectors or feed-pumps should be investigated for size and functionality. Without regular attention the pump will undoubtedly fail.

Regular boiler care and maintained systems will provide fuel efficiency and safety for everyone using this time-honored form of steam energy.

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