SAM Club Merchandise - On Sale at Clubnights

     Polo Shirt  SAM Shirt Logo  

We can get virtually any garment,

appropriately SAM logo'd,

including Hi Viz outerwear

 - Just Ask 

Beanie Hat                       £   7.00
T Shirts [most Sizes]       £   9.00
Polo Shirts [most Sizes]  £ 15.00
Rugby Shirts [1/L;1XL]    £ 20.00
Lined Fleece XL              £ 30.00


Tyre Repair Kits         

[with 3 cylinders]

£ 12.50

Tyre Repair Kit DISCLAIMER - It must be stressed that these are a 'Get You Home' temporary repair and you must get the tyre checked by a reputable / qualified Workshop / Tyre Dealer. 

Spare Cylinders

£   1.00


We have Polo shirts ( short & long sleeve ), black, but can get most colours - let me know what you fancy and I'll see if we can oblige.  


We also have Logo'd Hi Viz Waistcoats and lightweight Hi Viz sleeved jackets non logo'd but can be logo'd if desired [at extra cost]. 

All items [subject to stock] are available on Clubnights, SAM Sundays and, in limited form, wherever and whenever the MDU is operational - also at any time, if you are happy to pay a bit of postage or delivery.
email merchandise and I'll see if I can help - Bob Elliott

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