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GROUP RIDES are organised for the benefit of all Club members and guests. The Run Leader and Back Marker must both have passed their IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test and be fully conversant with the IAM document, `Group Organised Rides`. They are expected to organise and control the safe and smooth running of the ride. The Backmarker may stop and exclude any rider deemed to be riding dangerously or breaking the law in any way. An associate can assist with the preparation of a social ride.


Planning the run beforehand is essential. Decide how many miles you wish to do, what time you wish to start and finish, then plan your stops for, refreshments, petrol, (some machines have only a 100 mile range) meals and any places of interest. Remember that it takes much more time for a group to stop for a meal or petrol than for a single rider, so allow plenty of time (and a little bit extra) or you will be home very late!


Long distances without a stop do not suit all riders and some lose concentration as a result. It is advisable to select a back marker before the event and to give them a marked up map of your route and details of stops etc. An exchange of mobile phone numbers and radio bands can be useful. Copies of the run route can also be useful for participants if you are able to provide them.


Send the details (Use this link) of your run to the GROUP RIDES Co-ordinator who will announce your run on SAM Announce. Include your name and if possible your email or phone numbers, the date and the start venue, the `Briefing Time`, expected mileage, Grade run, details of stops for meals etc and include the estimated finishing time. It is often beneficial to make prior arrangements with the proprietor at meal stops and even phone on the day to announce numbers arriving.


New associates should ask their Observer about going on a group ride.  Some members who have let their skills decline are often concerned that they may not be able to `keep up` with other riders, perhaps they should contact "Refresher Rides".  Consequently it is necessary to announce the Grade of the run as, Level 1 or Level 2 or Level 3, so that riders can select a run that will suit their style of riding.



           It is essential that participants are fully briefed before starting the run.

·     Ensure that everyone is paying attention and that they can hear you.

·     Please be courteous and welcome new riders by introducing them by name.

·     Introduce yourself as the RUN LEADER and identify machine and wearing Orange Hi-Vis.

·     Introduce the BACK MARKER and identify their machine and wearing Orange Hi-Vis.

·     Identify any novices, newcomers or guests and ensure that they listen carefully and fully understand your instructions for the run.

·     Explain the marking system used by SAM.

·     Give details of the destination and of stops on route for breaks and petrol.

·     Impress on everyone that they should ride at their own pace, not to feel pressured to keep up with the rider in front and to continue on the main road until they see the `Marker` at the next junction.

·     You may wish to give your mobile phone number to participants.

·     Tell riders to slow down if they have not seen the following rider for 2/3 minutes.

·     Explain that if a rider wishes to leave the group they MUST make this clear to the run leader or    back marker.

·     You must give the formal IAM and SAM disclaimer. “RIDERS ARE DEEMED TO BE IN FULL CONTROL OF THEIR MOTORCYCLES AT ALL TIMES” They must also be responsible to ensure their bike is road legal



           Ensure that everyone is ready before your leave,mark the first corner or junction.

·     It is your responsibility to keep the group together so set your pace to achieve this.

·     You may need to slow down or even to stop at a safe place to allow the group to re-form, but do not stop too frequently as this can spoil the ride.

·     Cancellation of the run may be necessary due to adverse weather etc. If in doubt, consult with the SAM Group Runs Co-ordinator, a committee member or any other member for advice. If possible please arrange for someone to be at the start point to explain to members the reason for cancellation.


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