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GROUP RIDES are organised for the benefit of all Club members and guests and provide an ideal opportunity to practice your riding skills amongst like minded riders. New members to Group Rides are particularly welcomed.

SAM expects every rider to act responsibly, to comply with the law and to demonstrate a good standard of riding. Remember that riding decisions are yours and yours alone. The Run Leader & Backmarker have both passed their IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test and are fully conversant with the IAM Document `Group Organised Rides`. They will be counting on your co-operation throughout the run. They are expected to organise and control the safe and smooth running of the ride. They may exclude any rider deemed to be riding dangerously or breaking the law in any way.

All participants must comply with all Road Traffic Laws and ensure their machine is road legal. It is extremely important the participants are aware that they are riding on their own insurance. whilst the Group has the necessary insurance cover for its group activities, it will not cover you personally or your motorcycle/scooter.

START TIME is the briefing time and not the arrival time, so please arrive earlier if you wish to chat.

BRIEFING It is essential that all participants listen to the briefing before each run. Please pay attention and ask questions if necessary. You will be expected to recognise the Run Leader and Backmarker on their bikes, to know where the stops will be and also understand the marker system being used for the day. If not at the briefing you may be excluded from the ride.

FULL TANK OF FUEL  Please arrive at the start with a full tank of fuel so that we can all stop at the same time to fill up.

KEEP AN EYE on the rider behind you. If they are out of sight for more than 2/3 minutes, please slow down and allow the rider to catch up. If they do not appear, stop and wait. If after some time they do not appear, retrace your steps to the last place you saw them and await the remainder of the group. (Markers stay put!)

TO LEAVE A RUN.  It is essential that you tell the run leader and or back marker when you intend to leave the run, if you don’t, everyone will be searching for you!

STOPPING ON ROUTE Do not obstruct the road, keep well in to the kerb, but make sure that the next rider and the back marker can clearly see you.

KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE from the rider in front. Following offset along straight roads allows better forward vision and a better braking margin.

PAIR UP at cross roads, traffic lights and road junctions to help keep the group together.

A MAP of the area and knowledge of the destination can be useful if you become separated from the group.

OVERTAKING. On SAM Group Ride Level 1 you do not overtake other participants. On Level 2 & Level 3 overtaking within the Group Ride is permitted and must always be carried out in a safe and curtious manner. 


OVERTAKING OTHER TRAFFIC. Is permitted on all Levels always ensure that it is safe to overtake, do not just follow the rider in front of you. If you have just completed an overtake, leave space for a following rider to filter in behind you by keeping your speed up if safe to do so.


1.   At all junctions and turns, including exits off roundabouts, the rider who is directly behind the run leader becomes the `MARKER`

2.  The Marker must stop to indicate to each of the following riders the correct direction to take.

3.  Stop in a safe place where you can be seen clearly, before junctions, on exits, not hidden around side turns.

4.  Leaving an indicator on, or a hand signal, can be useful.

5.  The Marker must wait until all riders have passed and then re-join the group in front of the back marker. If the back marker passes you for safety or some other reason, catch up and you will be allowed to pass and re-join the group.

6.  The Marker must stay in their position until either the back marker or the run leader collects them.



The intended Grade of the run will have been announced to enable you to select a run that best suits your style of riding.  Ride at a pace that suits you and, do not feel obliged to keep up with the rider in front of you. You will find them waiting at the next junction just around the corner!

·    LEVEL 1 - National speed limits are usually achieved when the situation permits. Minor roads will be ridden at a gentle pace and more frequent stops will be made.


·    LEVEL 2 - National speed limits will be achieved when safe but bends and other hazards will be taken at an easier pace. Stops will be made at reasonable intervals.


·    LEVEL 3 - Describes a run that would best suit a confident and experienced rider   who is able to make good safe progress in all traffic conditions on all types of roads, and is able to ride for long periods without stopping.



Should you have any reason to wonder if the run might be cancelled, please telephone the `Run Leader`, the `Back Marker` or the SAM Group Rides Co-ordinator.

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